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What is Ultherapy?

If your skin is not as toned as you'd like, Elysium SurgiSpa can help improve its laxity with Ultherapy, a nonsurgical treatment for loose facial, neck, and chest skin. With approval from the FDA, Ultherapy's energy from ultrasound waves can increase the laxity of your skin to improve lines, wrinkles, and sagging with a 30 – 90-minute treatment session. After your appointment when your skin begins to heal, your body produces more collagen to strengthen the skin. Our team in Chicago, IL is pleased to offer Ultherapy to men and women who want a less invasive alternative to surgical procedures, like a traditional facelift. This treatment can be used along with other rejuvenating skin treatments, such as an injectable or laser skin resurfacing, to leave the skin looking youthful.

What to Expect with Ultherapy

If you have noticed that the skin on your face has become looser with mild or moderate lines (around the brow, eyes, and mouth), or a light jowl droop, you are probably an ideal candidate for Ultherapy performed at Elysium SurgiSpa. When you come in for your appointment, you will lie down in the treatment chair as your skin is cleansed and a numbing cream is applied. Next, a handpiece that sends ultrasound energy will glide across your skin. Afterward, it's very common for the treated skin to be slightly pink and inflamed. You can apply cold compresses and take over-the-counter pain medication to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Since Ultherapy is noninvasive, you should be able to resume your normal day without downtime. However, it may take some time for your skin to adjust and heal after your treatment so your outcomes may not appear immediately. You can look forward to seeing your boosted, firmer results within about 6 – 8 months as your body continues to produce collagen and elastin.

Age Gracefully with Ultherapy

To tighten and tone the skin on your face, neck, and chest, we invite you to treat yourself to Ultherapy sessions at Elysium SurgiSpa. Ultherapy is an innovative, FDA-cleared nonsurgical procedure that boosts the appearance of wrinkles and sagging so you can appear more youthful. As an added benefit, no significant downtime is involved. Contact our professional team today to schedule your consultation at our med spa in Chicago, IL.

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