Nonsurgical Fat and Cellulite Reduction in Chicago, IL

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What is Nonsurgical Fat and Cellulite Reduction?

No matter how fit and healthy you are, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to prevent or remove cellulite on your own. Cellulite (a fibrous tissue) forms beneath the skin, mostly around the hips, thighs, and stomach, and can create a lumpy, dimpled look. At Elysium SurgiSpa, our team is pleased to offer nonsurgical fat and cellulite reduction at our Chicago, IL office. We use noninvasive body contouring technology by VelaShape® III that delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy, infrared light, mechanical massage, and vacuum suction to smooth the appearance of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks, as well as reduce circumferential fat around the thighs and abdomen. To learn more about enjoying great, visible results from VelaShape III treatments, contact us for a consultation today.

What to Expect with Fat and Cellulite Reduction

Prior to your fat and cellulite reduction session, our team will work with you to create a customized treatment plan. Using suction to stabilize the treatment area, a microblade will be inserted into the treatment area with the help of the VelaShape III handheld device. The fibrous bands underneath the skin are detached, allowing the cellulite dimples to loosen, revealing smoother skin. The procedure can typically be performed in under an hour. Typically, you can resume your normal routine the day following your treatment, but you may want to refrain from strenuous activities for a few days. Common side effects of nonsurgical fat and cellulite treatment include temporary bruising, swelling, and tenderness. You can expect to see results within about three days with improvements in the following weeks. As long as you maintain a healthy weight, you should be able to enjoy your smooth results for up to two years.

Target Fat and Cellulite

With nonsurgical fat and cellulite reduction, it's possible to reduce fatty problem spots that you haven't been able to target through exercise and diet alone. If you have cellulite or fat that prevents you from feeling as confident as you should be, let the team at Elysium SurgiSpa help you attain a smoother, contoured shape that you'll want to show off. Reach out to us in Chicago, IL to schedule your consultation and get started.

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