How Do Fillers Work to Enhance Facial Features?

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There is no question that facelift surgery can be a fantastic option for patients looking to transform their look and virtually take years off the clock. However, many men and women may not feel ready for a facelift or may want to avoid invasive surgery and a lengthy recovery period — but still wish to make enhancements to their facial features. For these patients and others, injectable dermal fillers offer the exciting opportunity to address unwanted signs of facial aging, naturally flat facial features, and more with instant, beautiful results that can last for up to a year or longer. Here, the experienced team of cosmetic injectors at Elysium SurgiSpa in Chicago, IL, under the direction of Dr. Mick Singh, outline the many ways that dermal filler injections can be used to enhance your facial appearance and give you the boosted self-esteem you deserve.

What are dermal fillers?

Sometimes known simply as "fillers," dermal fillers are injectable products that can be used to make a variety of enhancements to the face — and sometimes the body. With facial fillers specifically, the filler is injected into targeted areas using a fine-gauge needle, and patients enjoy almost instantly visible results.

How can fillers improve my appearance?

With many different filler products available today, each of which has a unique composition and purpose, injectable dermal fillers can address, improve, or correct a number of diverse cosmetic facial concerns. Some of the most popular ways fillers are used to enhance a person's facial appearance include:

  • Fill in deep facial folds
  • Smooth out lines and wrinkles
  • Plump up thin lips
  • Restore lost volume in the cheeks and mid-face
  • Strengthen the jawline
  • Address facial asymmetry
  • Reduce sunken, dark circles under the eyes

Not only can injectable dermal fillers be used to target these specific concerns, like thin lips and nasolabial folds, but they can also help to enhance facial harmony and balance overall.

Which type of filler do I need?

At Elysium SurgiSpa, we are proud to offer an array of dermal fillers from leading manufacturers like Allergan and Galderma. During your initial consultation for filler injections in Chicago, IL, our knowledgeable team will discuss your specific concerns, evaluate your facial features, and listen to your goals to recommend a customized filler treatment plan for you.

How long do facial fillers last?

One of the most exciting benefits of filler injections is that the results of dermal fillers are almost instantly visible, though mild swelling may persist for up to a few days. After this time, patients can enjoy their newly enhanced look for up to a year or longer in many cases — with certain filler products lasting up to 18 – 24 months. Based on the specific type of fillers used in your facial enhancement treatment, our team will discuss how long you can expect your results to last and when you may benefit from repeat filler injections to maintain a consistently beautiful and balanced look.

Give your look an instant upgrade with dermal filler injections in Chicago, IL

If you are ready to tackle your lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and other signs of facial aging but prefer not to undergo invasive cosmetic surgery, our team is here to help you get the look you want with a variety of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation solutions, including injectable dermal fillers. Discover the many exciting benefits of fillers today by calling Elysium SurgiSpa to schedule your private consultation at our Chicago, IL office and take the first step toward a look you can love.

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